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Welcome - Bournda Environmental Education Centre

Bournda Environmental Education Centre

A Centre of Excellence in Environmental Education

Bournda EEC is operated by the Department of Education and Training and is located in Bournda National Park on the Far South Coast of NSW; an ideal setting for the delivery of environmental education programs. 

The staff at Bournda EEC assist teachers to plan and conduct field trips for students from Kindergarten - Year 12, which are designed to specifically target KLA outcomes.

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Weather station at Bournda


 A beach and headland in Bournda National Park

Bournda National Park includes lakes, beaches, rock platforms, lagoons, wetlands and a variety of coastal vegetation systems. 

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Overlooking bournda environmental education centre


Students studying leaf litter               An educational walk on the beach   

Bournda EEC provides a variety of programs for students covering all KLA's and recreational based activities, including kayaking and ropes course.

Students in Canoes          Students using the ropes course

Azure Kingfisher sitting on a branch. Photo courtesy of Heitor Cavalcanti de Albuquerque (ANU) 2013

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